Personal trainings and group trainings are provided as Online Training units due to Corona crisis.
Personal trainings and classroom trainings can be carried out upon request depending on current COVID19 restrictions.

The number of participants is limited to 6 persons temporarily (ROHR2 group training courses and Individual Program trainings).

Please check  our ROHR2, SINETZ and PROBAD online training or se contact the sales team in case of questions and inquiries.



ROHR2 Schulung

In order to boost the efficiency of the ROHR2, SINETZ and PROBAD  users, SIGMA proposes a concept of user trainings which have proven their effectiveness for many years.

Available training units are:

  • Basic trainings (Group or Individual)
  • Training for users with pipe stress calculation experience
  • Expert training, advanced courses
  • Training for program updates
  • Trainings for special topics on demand
  • Project related training units

It would be a great pleasure for us to welcome you for a training.

Basis of the training may be our field-tested education examples or pipe systems provided by the user.
Both, the theoretical part with explanation of the graphic user interface and information about the ROHR2 environment as well as the practical part at the computer with working at selected examples, check of input files and evaluation of the results get an adequate time period within the course.


ROHR2 Group training

Basic program training in groups of up to 6 participants, coming from different companies. The participants list is filled by appointment. The small group size allows an effective personalized training.
Place of the training is SIGMA company in Unna, Germany.
The training language is English, Training material and Program Surface English.

Training dates and registration: see training calendar or contact the ROHR2 Sales Team.


Individual program training

SIGMA offers individual training courses for ROHR2, modules like ROHR2fesu, SINETZ and PROBAD

The small group size of 1 to 6 persons per course allows an effective personalized training. The training can be adapted to your personal need, e.g. for the clarification of open questions arising in your everyday work with ROHR2/SINETZ/PROBAD. We encourage you to bring the project examples you are currently working on and make them the subject of your training so that the questions relevant to your situation are discussed.
Training languages are German, English or French. Training dates are arranged individually.
Training venue may be the traineeĀ“s company office or our corporate center in Unna.

Contact the sales team for additional information or an offer.


Online training courses

In case of urgent questions or project related needs which do not justify the organization of a complete one or two-day training we propose internet based training.
All you need to do is to install a local viewer client (VNC) and log into our training PC. Using the telephone line and the internet connection you will follow the training session on your screen, interact using your mouse and discuss the difficulties and questions with our training staff. You can also send your example and we discuss the problems using this example.
Please call our support hotline in order to arrange for an internet training (which usually can be arranged within hours).
The main benefits of Internet based training are travel /accomodation costs and time savings.

Contact the sales team for additional information or an offer.